Dexlan USB Type-C(TM) Gigabit Ethernet Netzwerkadapter/Dockingstation

Dexlan USB Type-C(TM) Gigabit Ethernet Netzwerkadapter/Dockingstation

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  • Plug & Play
  • automatisch über USB-Anschluss
  • ermöglicht das weitere Aufladen Ihres Computers
  • 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C(TM) Buchse
  • 2 x Port USB 3.1 Typ-A Buchse (abwärtskompatibel)
  • 1 x RJ45 Anschluss
  • 1 x 4K HDMI Anschluss
The essential on the USB Type-C!

Get the most out of the bandwidth of your Type-C ports, whether it's USB 3.1 or Thunderbold 3, to install the Dexlan VideoLan4K network adapter that adds a 4K HDMI display card and a wired Gigabit network port to your laptop , and all while continuing to charge the battery of your device through sound.

The most compact Type-C mini-dock features the essentials of high-performance connectivity to gain fluidity on all demanding applications like HD video streaming and boost your data transfer rate.

The plus products:
¦ Quick installation Plug & Play!
¦ Auto Powered by USB port
¦ Allows you to continue charging your computer (Power Delivery)

¦ 2 Port USB 3.1 Gen1 5Gbps Type A Female USB 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 compatible
¦ RJ45 10/100 / 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Port
¦ 4K HDMI port
¦ 1 USB 3.1 port Type-C female Power Delivery V2.0 compatible up to 45W
¦ 1 mini 10m USB 3.1 cable with USB type-C male multiposition
¦ IPv4 / IPv6 compatible, IGMP, VLAN Tag, Wol, Jumbo Frames
¦ Windows 10 32/64 bit compatible, MacOS 10.10 and later, ChromeOS
¦ Works with Smarphones and tablets equipped with USB Type-C connectors

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